My Story

How I ended up in Melbourne was because of love. How I ended up doing video production services for small businesses and organisations was because I found it rewarding to work with highly motivated and conscious people, and that’s largely because of Hub Australia. I had recently moved to this beautiful city when I decided to go to the Hub open house, one fateful Thursday morning in 2012 – clueless as to what Hub was. Ehon Chan was our enthusiastic host who walked us through the beautiful third floor space of the heritage building.

I was hooked! Even though I left the building still wondering what coworking was all about and I didn’t even have a job, I remember feeling very inspired and welcomed.

It turned out coworking was an opportunity for me to meet and learn from many inspiring individuals, small business owners, startupers, non-profits, social enterprises, conscious businesses, B corps, you name it you’ll find it at Hub. But it was Ehon who gave me my big break into the community. He asked if I could make a series of video stories for Hub featuring their diverse members. That was the start of the Hub Stories. It was a chance to prove myself as a filmmaker and storyteller and connect with others. And so, one video job led to another video job… until I arrive at this website. But my story as a filmmaker really began in Indonesia as a 14 years old watching the 66th Academy Awards ceremony on TV hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. I can’t remember what films won or who wore the best dressed, but something struck me, and probably to many other teen-filmmaker wannabes back then, when…

Whoppi Goldberg turned to the camera at the end and addresses kids watching at home who might be thinking that they’d like to win an Oscar someday.Kids, you better believe it,” she said. And I did.

It was an affirmation for me that no dream is too big, like becoming a filmmaker and winning an Oscar, they’re simply… doable. To put it into perspective, it was the 90’s, so life was a little different then for a young girl who was born and grew up in Indonesia. Internet had only just become commercially available in the country, though nowhere near the speed and shape of the internet as we know it today. YouTube didn’t exist yet. Camera-phone was still being invented. So, the tools and resources for one to pursue filmmaking weren’t as readily accessible. Finally, at the age of 16 I got my hands on my first camcorder – a very special present from my father. I carried the handycam with me nearly everywhere, including the classroom (Yes, I’m that friend). I probably still have all those Hi8 tapes with recordings of my schoolmates somewhere in my parents’ attic. Equipped with love and support from my family and friends, camcorder, VHS deck and cassette player I made my first film at university using home-made tape to tape editing technique. Those were the days!

As I’m writing this and reflecting back to my journey of becoming a filmmaker I realise that I didn’t really know any other way how my life could be other than becoming one.

I maintained my passion for filmmaking throughout my university years. I also developed my other passion for traveling and adventure during those years. I wanted to combine the two, filmmaking & traveling, together. That’s when I started my journey into the documentary world and made my first documentary film on my final year at uni. I moved to Bali soon after I graduated and landed a dream job working in documentary productions at Jungle Run Productions, Ubud. The job involved a lot of traveling, especially to remote places around Indonesia. And so began my love affair with Ubud, my home for the next 6 years, until my journey brought me to Australia. So here I am today, a self-proclaimed filmmaker and online video producer, in Melbourne, Australia. Now, about that Oscar…