Nadia is an absolute superstar video editor. She has a way of turning my terrible filming into something that looks amazing and I have no idea how she does it but I’m so grateful she exists. I have given her really unrealistic time frames and she has managed to make them work. I think she is incredible and would absolutely recommend her!

Rachel Browne | Project Manager, 21 Challenge

21 Challenge

Campaign Video | Editing only

The 21 Challenge is an online fundraising campaign that runs in June each year. It is a chance to help homeless youth by doing something you love, perhaps something you don’t love, or even something you’ve never done before for 21 days and asking friends and family to sponsor you. Be as creative or outrageous as you like and the money you raise will go to Open Family Australia’s Outreach programs, supporting youth at-risk.

Video credit:

Film: Rachel Browne
Karaoke footage: Julia Lamb
Nadia Astari
Music: Love Is Everything by Exacttrax | Pond5