Working with Nadia is easy. She does an amazing job of creating beautiful stories with very little direction and quick turnarounds. Her ability to connect with the people she is filming is what makes her videos special. Nadia is reliable, friendly and collaborative. I would love to work on another story with her again!

Leslie Swearingin | Project Manager, Hub Stories

Hub Stories 2.0

Video Story

Hub Stories is a monthly short documentary series to capture the impact stories that the members experienced, both on personal and/or professional levels, at a collaborative and innovative coworking space called Hub Melbourne, now under Hub AustraliaHub offers coworking spaces, learning opportunities and professional communities across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

There is no such thing as a typical day at a Hub, but collaboration and learning always play a special part in the routine. Hub spaces combine the best of a trusted community, innovation lab, business incubator and all the comforts of home. Hub treats their members like trusted friends and family. And I do feel like I am part of the family 🙂

In total, there are 9 episodes. While the previous 5 episodes looked at individual stories, these last 4 episodes are about the community within the Hub community.

Video credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Opening music: Café Connection by morgantj | ccMixter
Background music: David Blyth
Special thanks to: Ehon Chan & Leslie Swearingin | Project Managers, Hub