OurSay is a digital media organisation which regularly provides high quality videos to our clients. We have sub-contracted work to Nadia for nearly 50% video filming and production. She is highly efficient and effective at understanding the essence of what we are looking for and producing exceptional results which keep us and our clients happy. Nadia has a great ability to conceptualise, film and edit a video with a very quick turnaround.

Eyal Halamish | OurSay CEO

OurSay Trailer

Teaser/Trailer | Campaign Video | Editing only

OurSay.org explained through highlights over the last few years. Established in August 2010, OurSay is a gamed question & answer online platform, that all happens through forums. Their tagline is ‘You ask leaders tough questions, we make sure they get answered.’ Some of the leaders in the spotlight were former prime minister Julia Gillard, former foreign minister Bob Carr and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, just to name a few. Started in Melbourne, Australia by a team of young people passionate about harnessing the power of digital media to revitalise participation in democracy, OurSay has since branched out to India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Video credit:

Film: OurSay video archive
Edit: Nadia Astari
Music: Motivation To Win by musicforhopeproduction | Pond5