I have had the pleasure of working with Nadia on two film projects. What Nadia really understands are stories. As an interviewee, I tend to ramble, but Nadia was able to draw out and weave together the important threads to produce seamless films that are enjoyable to watch and lead us through the narrative. I highly recommend Nadia’s work. Her process is excellent, delivering fun, authentic films that really get their messages across.

Tim Butcher | Program Manager, Global Indigeneity and Reconciliation Program, RMIT University

RMIT Global Cities: Wellbeing Not Winning

Project Overview | Highlight Video

Wellbeing not Winning is a short film compiled from the Wellbeing not Winning research symposium at RMIT University on 2 October 2012. It is part of the RMIT Global Indigeneity and Reconciliation Research Program to gain fresh insights into meaningful ways in which young Aboriginal men can engage in sporting activities whilst fulfilling family and community obligations and retaining a connection to Country. The film introduces a project in Central Australia to play football on Country.

The one-day symposium speakers include Jason Mifsud (AFL), Pippa Grange (Bluestone Edge), Barry Judd (RMIT University), Bruce Hearn-McKinnon (Deakin University and author of “The Liam Jurrah Story”) and more. Watch the full presentation by each speakers on: http://vimeo.com/globalir

Video credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Yuendumu sports weekend footage: Blair McFarland, CAYLUS
Symposium footage: John Katotriatis
Wilurarra Tjutaku Football League photos: Jennifer McFarland, CAYLUS and Pete Gleeson
Music: Sammy Butcher
– “Footy Fever”
– “Misty Morning Rain”
– “This Is For You”
Special thanks to: Tim Butcher & Barry Judd, Global Cities Researchers