Working with a filmmaker like Nadia was a wonderful collaborative experience. She was efficient, had a great artistic eye and was able to turn constructive feedback into reality with amazing ease and detail.

Rani Pramesti | Actor & Theatre Maker

Chinese Whispers


Chinese Whispers is an immersive art installation created by Rani Pramesti as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014. It’s a Maze of Chinese-Indonesian stories, which invites audiences to reflect on the question, ‘How does racial violence happen?’ as they walk through the maze, in pairs, while listening to interviews and soundscape through headphones. Chinese Whispers won Best Live Art award and Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice from the Melbourne Fringe.

The Maze was open for public on 23-28 September 2014
At Bluestone Church, 8 Hyde St, Footscray, Victoria

Video credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Interview: Rani Pramesti
Music: Ria Soemardjo