Nadia is an excellent person to work with! Nadia required little briefing, ‘got’ the essence of the Do Lectures straight away and created superb videos fast. Her emails were clear, concise and very helpful to make relevant decisions quickly. Nadia achieved everything within the tight deadlines easily and added her happy proactive style at each stage. I am so excited to have worked with Nadia and hope to do so again, many, many times in the future.

Samantha Bell | Co-Founder & Director, DO Lectures Australia

DO Lectures Australia 2015

Highlight video | Interviews

DO Lectures has been described as “TEDx but bush”. Its tiny seed begins in Wales, then spread to USA and Australia. All around and every year since, DO has stuck to the same formula: ideas + energy = change. Inspiring speakers, an engaged class of attendees and a beautiful location. DO Lectures Australia was on their second year this year and I was lucky enough to be invited to film the events and interview some of the amazing speakers. Read more about my experience in my blog.

Video credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Additional photo: Mark Lobo
– Pieces of String Intro by Alela Diane
– Clap Tap by Brightside Studio | Premium Beat
Special thanks to: Jacqui Hocking for the recommendation and Samantha Bell for following it up!