Births, Deaths and Marriages Redesign

Campaign Video

Established in 1853, the year 2013 marked 160 years of service to the community by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) and they thought about the future and the way in which emerging technology is going to influence their delivery. At the beginning of 2013,  BDM took a bold step and invited the Victorian community to join in the collaboration process of redesigning their organisation and services.

Invitation Video credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Extras: BDM Staff member
Music: Take The Long Way | Amplify Sounds

Vox Pop Videos credit:

Film & Edit: Nadia Astari
Interview: Justine Martini
Music: Take The Long Way | Amplify Sounds

Special thanks to: Erin Keleher, Karen Sovitslis, Justine Martini and Julian Waters-Lynch