Jane Goodall: Herbal Medicine (Pozible)

Campaign Video | Project Overview | Editing only

The ‘Jane Goodall: Herbal Medicine is a crowd funding project through Pozible promoted by the Jane Goodall Institute in an effort to support Sokoine Primary School’s Roots & Shoots group in rural Kigoma, Tanzania. Their project is to help their community learn about the medicinal uses of plants in a nearby forest aims to help motivate their community in joining them to protect this important habitat. They will assist in documenting this knowledge in writing and teaching young people how to value medicinal plants and their use. They successfully raised US$16,446 through Pozible on 30 April 2014.

Video credit:

Film: Supplied by the Jane Goodall Institute
Edit: Nadia Astari
Music: Happy & Inspirational Acoustic Blend (Minor) by Ricky Valadez | Pond5