The Frank Food Company

Campaign video | Product

Brothers Duncan & Liam McCance created The Frank Food Company because as a chef and a consumer marketing guy they had serious issues with the way big food companies sourced & marketed their products. Frank is a transparent food company for consumers and a international marketing platform for farmers focusing on the following areas: Ethical Production. Sustainability. Organics.

Through Kickstarter and this video they are launching their pilot project in Singapore: a 500g Bali Brown Rice called Mangkok, which is grown by their farming partner Sawah Bali. Mangkok is a local heritage rice which is adapted to the local climate, resisting many local pests which combined natural farming methods like bringing cows back for fertilizer and owls for pest control means the farmers can produce a high quality, heathy and tasty product, as well as increasing their daily wage from $2.40 to $10SGD per day.

Video credit:

Script: Liam McCance
Film & Edit:
Nadia Astari
Drone Footage: Liam McCance
Music: “Footsteps” by Jeff Kaale